The products have three key elements, Artwork; Materials; Laser Engraving and associated processes. At Rotech we ensure each element is best served with their individual skill set and disciplines, utilising the very best materials that meet our exacting Standards & Quality.



Our bespoke high power Co2 Lasers and digital engraving machines can produce a wide range of engraving from solid block print to fine tones, using our range of rasters to suit wallpapers and packaging to security labels. A variety of engraving depths can be provided and tailored to the clients specifications.

The versatility of our machines enables Rotech to engrave anything from small wheels, to large industrial print rollers of up to a length of 3.5 metres.

Rotech only uses precision engineered rollers and high quality fiberglass reinforced sleeves covered with highest quality, durable polymers.

Surface Print

Surface Print:

Rotech’s high power laser engraving machines can engrave to any specified relief depth the client requires. In addition to our bespoke engraving, our Auto Routing Machine, designed and made in house, can provide an additional relief depth of 6mm,  This is particularly useful for reducing the problem of ink build up /splash from blanket ink transfer into the base of the roller.

Only precision engineered rollers and sleeves together with high quality polymer coverings are used. Our clients can select a range of shore hardness to suit their requirements.

Hot Glue application Rollers

Hot Glue application Rollers:

Rotech can engrave any design / pattern using specialist compounds that withstand the high heat and glues used in this process.

Polymer covering

Polymer coverings: 

There are many variations and characteristics of engraving polymers, EPDM, Nitrile and Silicone’s are a few examples.

With many years experience we are able to utilize the strengths of our suppliers enabling us to provide the best polymers to suit our clients specific requirements.

Rotech has a unique relationship with National and International suppliers…allowing us to liaise direct with their Chemists expertise to produce bespoke compounds for clients specialist requirements.

Rotary Screens

Rotary Screens:

Rotech’s digital laser engraving machines produce high quality engraving for many processes including wallpaper, fabric, specialist glue applicators and circuit boards, to name but a few. We engrave screens of repeat sizes 537mm, 640mm, 688mm, 819mm, and 914mm up to 3.5M in length. Every screen we use are of the highest quality  with a considerable variety of meshes to suit all types of applications, techniques and effects.

At Rotech we understand the importance of the coating applied to the screen to be integral to the quality of the engraved screen. We use specialist emulsions to give the best adhesion to the nickel screen whilst producing the thin layer for tonal print, with exceptional durable properties. Extra thick coatings are applied on request to withstand the rigors of metallic print and other large particle pastes.

We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers, that meet our exacting standards of quality control.